Bjor – Puzzle (main)

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TeknikkDGA på Tecco Fineart Rag 295 gsm
Format72,5 x 55,5 cm
Motivformat67x50 cm


With this print I want to portray a reflection of life’s intricate journey. Each piece, a step towards understanding reality.

The choice of colors:
I utilize blue and turquoise to evoke a sense of tranquility and inner
peace amidst life’s tumult, symbolizing emotional clarity and serenity.
Orange represents the enthusiasm and creativity that drive our choices
and interactions, while red embodies the passion, courage, and vitality
inherent in our journey. Pink adds a touch of warmth and affection,
reminding us of the love and empathy that guide our decisions,
ultimately painting a portrait of resilience, connection, and emotional


Vekt 1 kg
Dimensjoner 80 × 10 × 10 cm