Guttestreker – Liquid Corpse Force Alu

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Motivformat141 x 111


Lofoten is a beautiful place, widely known for its majestic nature and epic sunsets. Hidden far below the surface, huge reservoirs of black, liquid gold are lying peacefully. It may give large amounts of revenue to the country, so we can built new schools and hospitals, roads and bridges. But if we choose to dig up this gold, it will come with a price. Not only will the beautiful esthetics of the scenery disappear, we also put the lives of the creatures that live underneath the surface at jeopardy.

Underneath the surface there are many species that are linked together in a fragile ecosystem. Their way of life is now under attack by huge companies seeking these precious drops. If there is a majority at the Parliament for drilling, the gold will burst our of the wells and fill our barrels once again. Down there on the seabed, they will not see so much of the benefits we get on land. They will not be able to learn anything at the new school or drive over the awesome new bridge where the King just cut the ribbon. They have to settle for leaking barrels of oil and rusty shipwrecks, and thats not much to get excited by.

Many million years ago there where totally different animals walking around on our planet. Giant creatures where swimming in the sea, while huge lizards hovered in the sky. They all went extinct when a huge meteor hit the earth and massive clouds of smoke blocked out the sun for many years. Since them, their dead bodies has been pushed together and turned in to liquid carbon and gas, which we now are desperate to get a hold of. But if we get to excited and pump it all up, it may soon be us humans lying buried far under ground, while we slowly convert to liquid gold.



(text by Guttestreker)