Guttestreker – Recipe for Immortality Alu

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Motivformat140 x 200 cm


Since the beginning of our story as humans, we have wondered about what happens after we die. We have created illusions and stories about heaven and hell to comfort our discomfort about turning back to dust. Because that is what we all are made of, dust, interstellar space dust. And that is all we will become when we die. But it does not mean our story has to end there.

While science is working towards rejuvenating bodies and changing our DNA to become resistant against diseases and age-related problems. Everyone has at some point in their life wished they could live forever, even just in one perfect little moment when they really feel alive. And the only way we know today, how to live forever, is by creating breadcrumbs of our life to be experienced by those who come after us. So, they can live our story through the crumbs we left behind.

This work of art is a self-portrait by Petter. Here are some thoughts he has about it:

«Since immortality has been a long-time dream of mine, I needed to make a piece about it, and it should consist of my inspirations from when I first discovered art and the elements that keep inspiring me in my everyday work. “Soria Moria” By Theodor Khittelsen, was my first introduction to art. Askeladden is a character I can relate to. A young dreamer and explorer, who always look at problems with positivity and has that “everything works out in the end” kind of mentality. Another piece of art that I remember from my childhood is the “The great wave of Kanagawa” painting. Monstrous waves about to crush the little boat, the unforgiven ocean, but on the other hand, the ocean is very much the foundation of life as we know it.

The mountains are the solid land we can walk on, and a metaphor for my legacy, while the ocean is the symbol of time. The waves are slowly crushing against the rocks. Smoldering away the days, months, and years from my life. The more I try to cherish my life, it feels closer to the end. I feel further away from the Soria Moria castle up in the sky. But I am on my way, and I can see the mountain tops through the heavy clouds. The Soria Moria Castle is the art that will live after my passing and will hopefully live forever. The black fog is my self-doubt and insecurities that clouds my thoughts and hopes. The birds are my friends, enemies and lovers, distraction and inspiration.  The clouds are mysterious and abstract. They can either reveal the path or hide it, it depends if I hesitate or not.»

Everyone has their Soria Moria, whatever is on top of their hierarchy of needs, which Maslow called self-actualization. Will we reach it? Or is the whole point, the adventure to get there. We will never know If we ever reached our top and open the doors of the golden castle. Maybe our space dust will form again, and we could relive the crumbs of our former life.


(text by Guttestreker)