Guttestreker – The Seventh Master of the Hills & House

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«Allmannsretten» is something we are very proved of here in Norway. It gives every person the right to travel and use the woods, the mountains, and the shoreline. This should be a universal law for all humans and in every country. We should all have the opportunity to move across borders without being held back by barbwire fences and angry guards. This way, people would move organically, and go where they are needed and where they can make themself useful. Do we really have more right to this land, just because we are born within its borders?

There is a little cabin on top of a hill. 7 generations share the little hut, and they are all sons and fathers of each other. One day a young man comes by and asks politely for shelter from the wild summer night. But to get the approval, he has to ask every single one of the fathers and sons, which all give him the same answer: «You should ask my father». In the end, the young man gets the final approval from and old man, so tiny that he sleeps in a horn on the wall.

This story is a metaphor for the hospitality we all should show our fellow humans. At the same time it illustrates the long road through bureaucracy we have to go before we can have a global change.

In the woods outside the cabin, you can find characters from different Norwegian fairytales. All of them are outcasts and find refuge under the protecting branches of the tall threes filling the forest. There they can live, without feeling the shame of isolation and loneliness. Just like the threes, who share the forest, they can live side by side in harmony.

«Gutta på skauen» where a group of Norwegians who fought back when the nazis occupied   Norway. They fought for countries’ freedom, and now that we have it, we should use those same forces to fight for other people’s freedom. But without the use of weapons. Together we must fight for a more fair world for all people, of all colors and beliefs. For we are the same, but with tiny differences. without differences and mutations, our world would not exist. Everything would be the same all over the universe and life would probably never existed.



(text by Guttestreker)


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