Guttestreker – This Time Tomorrow

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Motivformat100 x 70 cm


The picture is illustrating the human made pollution that has been going on for almost 200 years. But it is only in the recent years, that we feel the effects on our bodies. But still as humans are gasping for air outside our window, we do not seem to care. We continue to fly, heat up our lavish homes, and enrich ourselves on the black gold.

The party in the building down in the right corner is suppose to represent the huge oil party we have had here in Norway. We have hit the jackpot and are living large. At the same time, the monkey from the «Human nature»-picture are unhappy about the development . He feels powerless and lights a cigarette to numb the pain.

Soon the oceans will be full of oil rigs, on their endless hunt for profit and happy shareholders. They are creating a monster dr. Frankenstein only could dream of. A monster of pure poison that slowly and silently fills the air, and choke us all in the darkness.

Rich men in top hats are represented throughout the picture. This is the good old boys club, who is there to promote their agenda. They shake the hands of people in power, and deals are done. The native people gets pushed aside, to make room for profit and bulldozers. They fight an endless battle against capitalism and their corrupt officials.

An old captain of the sea is living in the attic. He should have left our world years ago, but are condemned to limp endless night around on the wooden floor. The lock that seals his faith, is of massive gold, and will not succumb to any means power. But he is not aware, he himself holds the key to his own salvation.


(text by Guttestreker)


Vekt 1 kg
Dimensjoner 100 × 15 × 15 cm