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d0lk retrospektive exhibition 2020

We love d0lk and so does many collectors around the world. 5 collectors have gone together to recreate the magic in a tribute exhibition where 15 of d0lk’s canvases is on display.

In over 15 years the artist with the pseudonym Dolk Lundgren managed to keep his identity hidden before he self choosed to step forward. During this period he managed to become an icon and a frontman for the norwegian street art scene. When Banksy started to promote d0lk on PicturesOnWalls it opened doors and collectors and galleries started to show interest.

The art project “Ghetto Spedalsk” in Lofoten, Norway with Pøbel, another norwegian street artist, gained international recognition. They moved street art to abondoned buildings in rural areas and painted 20 or so buildings. d0lk opened the doors for street artist coming after him. In 2013 d0lk had his last street art exhibition in Bergen where he sold out and sat a new attendance record in that gallery.


5 collectors have joined forces to recreate the magic in a tribute exhibition where 15 of d0lk’s canvases will be exhibited. These are large size canvases up to 2 x 2 meter. Many of the artworks will be available for purchase. This is the first time in 7 a such a large body of his street art canvases  will be displayed together. Some of the canvases have never been exhibited publicly and the exhibition will show a wide range of canvases from his era as a street artist. This is a tribute and we hope to see as many as possible there. This will most likely don’t happen again in a long time.


Thursday 5. March at 20:00 – 22:00 (8pm – 10pm)
The exhibition last from 5. march to 15. march. The exhibition follows Gategalleriets opening hours.
Inquieries is e-mailed to [email protected]

Please note that this exhibition is arranged by Gategalleriet and collectors. The exhibition is a tribute and is not directed by d0lk. There will be no new works on display.

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